What time and channel can I watch TCR?

You can watch TCR in several ways:

1) Seasons 50 and 51 are available on the website now, and older seasons will be added over time. Sign up for the TCR newsletter to receive updates with new episodes are added to the website.

2) Season 52 is currently airing on television. Check our TV Schedule page for time and channel in your area. The show broadcasts on TV stations in Texas, and some in Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Additionally, you can find us on RFD-TV, a national cable network.

3) Our YouTube channel features favorite segments for you to watch and share any time.

How do I contact someone I saw on TCR?

Contact information is provided in our online catalog. Currently, we have records for every story since 2014, and are actively working to add more episodes to this website. And if you’re really stumped, don’t forget about Google.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you call destinations ahead of time before setting out on your own backroads adventure. Small town businesses and people can move at a moment’s notice.

What happened to the events calendar?

We used to curate local event listings, but with the redesign of our website, we can no longer provide this service. If you love to explore events in Texas, we recommend the events calendar from Texas Highways.

How do I submit a story idea?

It’s easy. You email us at tcr@texasmonthly.com. Alternatively, you can send a letter to Story Ideas, 400 N. Saint Paul St., Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75201. Photos and articles are always a plus, just be sure you can let us keep whatever you send.

We carefully consider ALL story ideas, but can only respond to ideas we’re using right away.

Please understand we can’t air stories about events. That’s best left to local TV stations and newspapers in your community who work on much tighter deadlines than we do.

How do I order a copy of a show?

Past episodes of TCR are not available at this time.

Where is that suspension bridge?

The suspension bridge featured in our opening credits is called the Regency Bridge. Here’s a MAP and directions:

To reach it, take Hwy 16 south from Goldthwaite or north from San Saba. About two miles north of San Saba’s main business district, you will see FM 500. Take FM 500 West for approximately 19 miles. You should see a sign at that point for the community of Regency and the Regency Bridge on your right (North) at FM433. Regency Bridge is less than a mile from the there down a dirt road.

Be sure and take someone with you, for the bridge is located in a somewhat remote location.

Didn’t you have a different theme song? Can I get a copy?

Texas Country Reporter and previous versions of the show (4 Country, 8 Country) have used two different theme songs. The version we use now is an original piece we had scored and recorded – “The Texas Country Reporter Theme”. The piano version of this song plays during the last segment of most episodes. At this time it’s not available to the general public.

The first theme song was an edited version of the “Hill Country Theme”. This instrumental version, recorded by the Boston Pops and Arthur Fiedler, is on the 1968 RCA album, “Pops Goes West” [record number LSC-3008]. It’s available now as a re-mastered CD on Amazon. Some versions of the song are also available on iTunes.

Willie Nelson recorded lyrics to the “Hill Country Theme” in the early 70’s. It’s on the album “Texas in My Soul.” It’s also in a CD box set called “Nashville Was the Roughest,” on disc 7, track 5. It was released in 1998. Barnes & Noble, Borders, or a local music store may be able to order the box set for you. It is also available on amazon.com.

The full recording citation for ordering the Willie Nelson box set:

Nashville Was The Roughest [BOX SET] by Willie Nelson. Audio CD. Original Release Date: June 2, 1998. Number of Discs: 8. Bear Family (Ger); ASIN: B000007OCO.

I love the background music ya’ll use! Where does it come from?

Music used throughout the show is either a variation of “The Texas Country Reporter Theme” (see above) or from a production music library. Our production music library contains thousands of original pieces designed for movie, TV, and advertising producers.

When will a particular story be on TV in Texas?

Usually we don’t know ourselves until a couple weeks ahead of time. Sometimes we hold stories for months. Sometimes we turn them in a few weeks. If you are the person we featured, we’ll give you a call before it airs.

When will a particular story be on RFD-TV?

RFD-TV episodes air one week after our network of Texas TV stations. An episode that broadcasts on Sunday in Texas will play the following Friday on RFD-TV. We also show archived episodes called “TCR Classics” exclusively on RFD-TV.

Will my story be on YouTube?

This is a tricky one. We don’t have a schedule for our YouTube Channel, so we can’t guarantee when or if a particular story will get featured. But there is a minimum wait time. A story must air twice on our local affiliates before we can consider it for YouTube. After that, it’s in the running along with all our other stories.

Due to copyright laws, no one but Phillips Productions is allowed to post TCR segments online.

Can I use a TCR story for…?

a) Educational use in a classroom? Yes.

b) As part of a media kit for my art / music / restaurant / museum that TCR featured? Yes.

c) A display at my place of business that TCR featured? Yes.

d) Another TV or cable program? ONLY with written permission from Phillips Productions.

e) My own website or YouTube channel? No. (You may link to or embed our YouTube videos)

Wasn’t the show called 4 Country Reporter or 8 Country Reporter ?

Yes. In 1972 we called it “4 Country Reporter,” because we started on Channel 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth. Then we moved to Channel 8 and became, you guessed it, “8 Country Reporter.” In 1986 we expanded all across Texas, and we changed it to Texas Country Reporter, of course!

Other questions

If your question isn’t addressed here, we’ll be happy to help you find the answer. Please contact us.