Martin Perry

By age seven, Martin Perry knew he wanted to work in television and only made a slight detour as a place kicker for the New Orleans Saints training camp in 1982. For 32 years, he has been a photographer for Texas Country Reporter, earning many awards and fulfilling other leadership roles over the years, including production manager, director of corporate production, and currently, general manager for TCR.

Dan Stricklin

After thirty-two years in the grocery business, Dan Stricklin made a career change and joined Bob Phillips’ team to produce corporate projects on 35mm film. Soon after, he became a producer and photographer for TCR, contributing to over 1,000 stories and amassing dozens of awards. Criss-crossing the back roads of Texas and shooting stories about interesting people has been his once in a lifetime adventure.

Mike Snyder

Mike Snyder has spent 18 years wandering the Texas backroads with TCR—producing, writing, and editing hundreds of stories. When he was a kid his family took a 3,000 mile road trip every summer, and today he can go longer than anyone on the crew without a pit stop. The rest of them should have gone before we left.

Quintin Blackwell

Quintin Blackwell has been writing and producing for Texas Country Reporter for 11 years. His favorite stories to tell are the ones that make you want to shed a tear. One of his most memorable moments over the years is getting Bob Phillips’s face etched onto his head by a world-renowned hair artist in 2016.

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams has been a producer for Texas Country Reporter for two years, but the TCR influence runs deep. When she was born, her grandparents bought a wooden chest they saw featured on the show, storing all of her baby things in it. She grew up in Van Alstyne in a small trailer on a big plot of land, which she says is why her favorite stories to tell are ones that uplift the voices of small-town heroes.


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