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“Hop in and travel” with us on a road trip to discover the uplifting stories and must-see destinations in the Lone Star State. In weekly episodes, you'll meet oddball collectors, thought-provoking artists, and everyday heroes making the world a better place. Bob Phillips founded the program in 1972, and in 2015, he was joined by his wife Kelli Phillips. In 2021, the show joined forces with Texas Monthly. It was announced in October 2023 that J.B. Sauceda would become the next host of the show starting in Season 53, which begins airing in September 2024.

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Over 50 years on the back roads...

Funny the things that can happen when you’re just hanging out watching life go by. I wish I could tell you that this was all planned, that I had some clear vision of how all of this would turn out, but I did not. And now, here I am, some fifty years later, just wondering where the time went.


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