First, family owned and operated, Barbecue Inn has been a Houston landmark since it opened in 1946. The TCR team stops by to continue their debate over Texas’s best BBQ, but are instead wowed by the Barbecue Inn’s world class fried chicken. Then, Bob and Kelli visit the world’s largest collection of Miss America memorabilia at Texas Tech University, collected by Dr Marian Ann Montgomery as research for her book Miss America Fashion. What you wear and why you wear it says a lot about a person. Dr. Montgomery has spent her career researching what fashion says about women’s history when written records are not left behind. Finally, Peter Siegenthaler has considered himself “Half-Texan” since the 1970s. Bob and Kelli meet up with him and his wife Doris, TCR’s #1 fans in Switzerland, as they come home to Texas possibly for the last time.