This week on Texas Country Reporter, find out why folks are flocking to this south plains farm to get lost in a corn field. Cornfield Maze, James and Patti Simpson, Box 6323 FM 1294, Lubbock, TX 79415, ph#806.787.4222 It looks like nothing but a deep hole in the ground, but when darkness begins to fall, nature puts on an aerial show. Devil’s Sinkhole Society, Ben Banahan, Ben:PO Box 115, Rocksprings, TX 78880 Society: 101 Sweeten Street, Rocksprings, TX 78880 Society ph#830.683.BATS, Ben ph#830.683.2406 Plus, it really, really is…the biggest burger in Texas. Arnold’s Burger, 1611 S. Washington St. Amarillo, TX 79102, ph#806.372.1741. Texas Country Reporter…it’s what the Lone Star State is all about.