First, Cam Dockery of Bearly Making It crafts wooden statues out of dead trees which capture the memories and emotions of simple moments. Cam’s chainsaw carvings cover animals, angels, machines, anything you can think of. He tells us how he tries to make each carving special to the person it is carved for. Then, Chamexican cuisine, a combination of traditional Chamorro and Mexican cooking, is the name of the game at C Rojo’s Taqueria where Carrie and Rojelio Tellez combine the flavors of their cultures to create their own unique style. Finally, Eva Ybarra is the Queen of the Accordion. Breaking through in a male dominated field with her own take on traditional styles, Eva has experienced pay cuts, microphone mutings, and discrimination. However through all of this, she has managed to inspire her fans with her music. Bob and Kelli sit down with her to talk about what her fans mean to her.