He’s a guitar pluckin’ cowboy who really is at home on the range. We’ll help ourselves to some homemade cobbler. Glenn Moreland, Cowboy Outfitters, P.O. Box 594, Fort Davis, TX 79734, ph# 800.915.3793 www.texcowboy.com (MAP) The soothing sounds of Sistercreek will relax your mind, as you sample the fruit of the hill country. Danny Hernandez, Sistercreek Vineyards, 1142 Sisterdale Road (FM 1376) Sisterdale, TX 78006. ph# (830)324.6704 (Business hours) (830)324.6682 (Evenings) www.sistercreekvineyards.com (MAP) Plus, we’re staying up late with a woman who’s discovered a mysterious talent…Just wait till you see what else she’s found. Marjorie Lee Burnett, 15138 FM 1116 P.O. Box 61, Smiley, TX 78159-0061, ph#830.587.6445 (MAP) Texas Country Reporter…it’s what the Lone Star state is all about.