This week on Texas Country Reporter, Find out how this West Texas couple turned an overgrown cow pasture into one of the biggest attractions in the county. Charles and Nina Harris, P.O. Box 102 Llano, TX 78643. The story takes place in San Saba. (MAP) Meet a father and son team who built a business right on cue. Alton and Paul Sumrall, 12610 County Road. 3100, Posey, TX. ph# 806.778.1957, (MAP) Plus, once it was an overnight stop for movie stars…and now you can find out why Hotel Paisano is the new jewel of the desert. Joe Duncan, Hotel Paisano, 207 North Highland Street, Marfa, TX ph# 866.729.3669 (MAP) Texas Country Reporter, it’s what the Lone Star state is all about.