First, fourteen year-old Beau has been driving a tractor since age 5. Now he’s moved up in the world, leasing 25 acres of his father, Levi’s, farmland to grow corn, onions, cotton, and more. Then, Dunston’s Steakhouse is home to the oldest original owner in Dallas, Gene Dunston. Opened 66 years ago, Dunston – inventor of Texas Toast – can still be seen on the restaurant floor today. How has he done it all these years? Giving his customers more than their money’s worth. Finally, in a town of less than 100 people sits a European concert hall that holds 1,000 seats. The concert hall is a part of James Dick’s Round Top Festival Hill Institute, an internationally acclaimed classical music conservatory founded 50 years ago. Bob and Keli revisit Dick and his conservatory after 25 years away and wonder at the growth.