First, Caroline Korbell and William Carrington never thought that one day William would be “the Rabbit Guy,” but, when William quit teaching and began to share studio and gallery space with Caroline, he became just that. Now the two work together, hoping to continue making their respective art for as long as they can. Then, Susannah Cronin of Amelia Farm & Market manages every part of the food chain. From pecans to pigs to people, Susannah shows us how remembering the adage “You Are What You Eat” makes a better product for her customers and helps her protect her farmland from the development of the nearby cities. Finally, Karin McKay and Abner Eurestli have been bringing the news to Lubbock, TX for more than forty-two years. The longest running news anchor team in the country, Karin and Abner never meant to be news anchors. Bob and Kelli learn how and why they got to where they are today.