First, Houston residents Joey Sanchez and Eric Maier are both preserving and recreating history in their city. From the 1920s – 1950s Houston streets were marked with blue and white mosaic tiles imbedded in the curb. But as cars became the norm, and construction increased in downtown Houston, these street markers were forgotten or destroyed – and they might have stayed that way if not for the Blue Tile Project. Then, Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que has been serving traditional Barbacoa to residents and visitors of Brownsville for 47 years. Hailing from Mexico, traditional barbacoa involves slow cooking your meat – usually overnight – not in a typical grill, but one dug into the ground. One of the few establishments in the country still allowed to cook their meet in this way, Vera’s is a beautful blend of Texan and Mexican culture. Finally, Maniac’s Mansion in downtown Wichita Falls is both an ode to late 80s and 90s arcade culture, and in owner Marcus McGee’s words a haven for geeks like him. There you can find almost any classic arcade video game you can imagine as well as a cereal bar where you can mix any cereals your heart desires or just get a shot – of cereal of course.