First, off of I-10 sits family-run Comanche Tortilla and Tamale Factory. Family owned and operated for the past 75 years, the store still uses the same tamale recipe from 1947. Over the years JB Gallegos and his four brothers have played essential roles in maintaining and growing the family business, under the watchful eye of their 92-year-old father Ben Gallegos. Then, exploring Texas and Texans who fought in wartimes, from the texas republic to present conflicts, the Texas Heritage Museum is telling the personal stories of everyone from famed generals to unknown heroes. John Versluis, Dean of the museum, talks to Bob and Keli about their mission to honor Texans who have fought for our country and especially those who gave their lives. Finally, this West Texan carries on the age old tradition of cattle ranching as well as that of painting. Inspired by the harsh desrt landscape of the West Texas, artist-rancher Alice Leese wants to bring others to see the beauty she finds so organically.