First, serving Northern Italian food to Houstonites for 37 years, Federico Cavatore still uses the same recipes his grandmother used before even coming to the US. Since taking over the family business, Cavatore has seen his restaurant through natural disasters and global pandemics alike, working hard to keep his father’s legacy alive. Then, jack-of-all-trades Jimmy Pierce has set his focus on hat making for the past 2 decades. From his Hutto hat studio, Jimmy not only recreates, mends, and designs new hats but he imparts on his visitors the rich history of headware as well. Finally, once a week at West Brook High School, the halls are filled with the sound of rolling carts and the smell of fresh cookies. Special education teachers Stacey Phillips and Tiffany Woodall talk about the importance of Cookie Day not only for their students but for the general education students at West Brook. What started as a fundraising project is now an empowering pursuit that brings kids with different abilities together to see the best parts of each other.