First, this Missouri City woman living with Cerebral Palsy is producing word search books like you’ve never seen, with fonts varying from ASL to pictograms and books focused on the most obscure words in the English language. Claire Mestepey wouldn’t consider herself an ispiration, she is just living her life like any other person. Then, Joshua Rodrigues is serving Texas sized portions of Louisiana classics in Port Arthur, TX. The now part-time tugboat operator runs a food truck on the side of the road serving up fried pork “cracklins”, boudin sausage, and a slice of Cajun culture. Finally, out on Devil’s Backbone you can find Leslie Collier, her husband, and W.R Dallas Furniture’s two craftsman carrying on the almost century old legacy of original furniture craftsman W.R. Dalls. Collier and her team use Dallas’s original designs and collect vintage pieces to refinish, honoring the history inbued in each piece.